Remedies for bleeding gum

There are number of simple home remedies for stopping the bleeding gum. It may be due to vitamin deficiency, poor oral hygiene and some hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Massage the gums with fingers after brushing. This improves the blood circulation and reduces the bleeding and swelling in gums.
In a cup of warm water and 2 tsp of salt and rinse your mouth well. Repeat this everyday morning and evening. It helps to reduce the bleeding as well as bad odour in mouth.
Drinking green tea is said to keep mouth fresh. So drink it regularly.
Chewing the clove keeps the mouth fresh and clean. Do it thrice a week.
Chewing and eating raw vegeatbles keeps the teeth and gum stronger.
Deficiency of vitamin C may also lead to bleeding of gums. Intake of broccoli and cabbage are really very good source.
Take the juice from onion. Gargle your mouth with the onion juice which will get rid off from swollen gum.